How we do it


The approach to the racing team is innovative: the training regime is inspired by the runners all around us.

All our coaches come from a running background. They know what makes Kenyans such successful endurance athletes, and the philosophy they have, along with the methods they employ, are culturally relevant. This maintains the natural athleticism found in Kenyans, slowly transferring this robust strength onto a bicycle. The cyclists we find generally come to cycling much later than the average European pro. They tend to be physically robust, with great endurance but require technique development. Consequently, a large amount of work is devoted to technique and pacing strategies. The former quality is something Kenyan runners possess for their sport, and cyclists do not, and the pacing is an acquired tradition with runners seek to adapt to cycling.


For technique development, we start with the local supermarket bicycle called the ‘Black Mamba’. Our cycling coach works closely with our team mechanic to modify this readily available and familiar bike with locally available spare parts for a more robust and sporting purpose. In time, we transition the riders to full carbon bikes.

As a result, our athlete development, training to racing ratios, and approach to races has much more in common with Kenyan athletes than traditional European cyclists. Our latest results demonstrates that our approach works.

All the staff are hired for their skills and, whether on or off the bike, are paid for their work. The salary is decent by Kenyan standards, they have performance standards to meet, and their monthly paycheck feeds their families, educates their children, and gives them something to work towards.